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  • Fitnology & MotoPro Training
  • Fitnology & MotoPro Training
  • Fitnology & MotoPro Training
  • Fitnology & MotoPro Training
  • Fitnology & MotoPro Training


The Medical Community

As a cardiologist I know the importance of a good health and fitness plan. My experience with Coach Marc at Fitnology has included everything I would expect from a knowledgeable fitness professional. Marc not only has designed workouts around my prior injuries but has also helped improve my nutrition by developing caloric need based programs that have increased my lean muscle and reduced my body fat. As a medical professional I would highly recommend Marc and his services.

- Dr. Shellee Nolan M.D.



As a medical professional I have always been extremely impressed with the professional, knowledgeable, and consistent staff at Fitnology. I have been injury free, continued to improve my body composition, and have advised many of my patients of the benefits of starting a program with Fitnology. Entering my 60”s I feel great, look great, and my accolades go out to Marc and his dedication to providing first class services.

- Dr. D. Michael Auerbach M.D.



The best shape of my life was achieved while participating in a program at Fitnology I never really knew my full physical potential until following the program prescribed to me at Fitnology. Feeling physically fit and being strong and healthy is such an empowering sensation. If you want to change the way you currently look and feel I highly recommend trying a Fitnology program. It can simply give you LIFE back!

- Dr. Patricia Bartich-Crovo M.D.



Adding Fitnology to your arsenal of wellness practices will improve every aspect of your life With a diverse knowledge of biomechanics, good nutritional guidelines, and highly variable workouts, Fitnology Health and Human Performance is clearly a wise choice when deciding to participate in a physical fitness program. I not only use their services but I also recommend them to all of my patients.

- Dr. Peter Horneffer M.D.



The staff at Fitnology has a first hand grasp on the needs of women. Their programs are individually designed to suit individualized specifics of each and every one of their clients. The Fitnology staff possesses the knowledge to improve and achieve any goal no matter what stage of life you may be in. I have trusted their services for over 7 years and will continue to for many years to come.

- Dr. Eileen Coeleus M.D.



The children’s programs at Fitnology Health and Human Performance are designed to not only improve over all health and fitness but also to educate and provide countless hours of highly variable and fun exercises. Having worked first hand with the staff I can recommend them with confidence to all of my patients knowing that they will be treated with first class professionalism.

- Dr. Ina Stevens M.D.



In my years as an athlete, I have never felt more carefully attended to or more effectively trained as I have at the Fitnology gym. My exposure to new and creative opportunities to access my physical potential has been constant and very rewarding. The bottom line with Fitnology is this: the personal trainers are always educating themselves and building their knowledge base. This is a win-win situation for all involved both trainer and client. Thank you Fitnology for all of your efforts to always “stay on top of your act” and as a result be the best for my fitness program and personal safety with each work out!

- Dr. Ariane Cometa M.D.



Professional Athletes

I have been a World Championship and Olympic medalist, have set World Records and won the 1983 New York City Marathon, my health and fitness is extremely important to me and I thought I had experienced it all, until I met Marc Spataro at Fitnology. I have worked with Marc and have learned a whole new way to train for better all round exercise and fitness. Marc has the experience and skill to safely take anyone up and beyond our comfort zone with a well-balanced and challenging workout. If you think you have done it all in other gyms and fitness centers, call Marc at Fitnology and he will take you into another world of all round fitness for "life's long run".

- Rod Dixon



I started working with Marc 6 years ago. I needed an edge over the competition and I found it after starting my program with Moto Pro Training. My level of conditioning has reached to a whole new level and I noticed a drastic increase in my speed and endurance. Now I race two major desert series and the GNCC. I have also started racing two races in a day by adding the UTV to my schedule. In 2013 I raced the Baja 1000 solo, 983 miles/33 hours non-stop and finished first in my class 9 hours ahead of 2nd place. I truly believe this was accomplished by working closely with Marc.

- Michael Swift
Team UXC Racing/Factory Polaris
GNCC Utility Champion, Baja 1000 Champion, 10 Hour Champion



Marc Spataro and his company played a major role in helping me win my ninth GNCC Championship. The programs designed for me helped me reach my fullest potential on and off the track. Not only am I at my greatest athletic condition but I also feel healthier, look healthier, and I am glad to know that what I have learned from Marc will help me to continue a healthy life style for the rest of my life.

- Bill Ballance
GNCC 9X Champion



Marc and his company played a major role in securing my first WORCS Championship and 5 years later I now have won 4 championships. Marc’s program structure keeps me focused and by following it, I am able to stay in competitive shape throughout the whole racing season. If you want to succeed and you want to win, use Marc Spataro and become a champion.

- Beau Baron Pro ATV Racer, 4X WORCS ATV Champion



While playing for the Baltimore Bayhawks I had the opportunity of training with Marc Spataro at his facility, Fitnology. Marc’s individualized approach addressed all of my specific needs, improving areas of weakness; correcting and improving injured areas, and over all making me feel as conditioned as possible. If you inspire to be a top-level athlete I suggest you contact Marc and start your pathway to success.

- Gary Gait




As a golfer in my sixties who plays senior tournaments, I am extremely interested in maintaining flexibility and strength to remain competitive. I am happy to say that working at Fitnology on a regular basis for the last 7 years has accomplished those goals. My game has not regressed with age I have been free of any golf related injuries. I attribute this to the knowledge and expertise of the Fitnology staff. These are first class trainers who can be a great benefit when worked with on a regular basis.

- Tom O’Neil



For the last five years I have relied on Fitnology for keeping me on a consistent wellness program. A specific designed program is tailored to my goals of improving my golf game through strength and flexibility. The results have been phenomenal, my drive is longer, and I have better stamina, and have had no muscle/back related injuries. The added benefits of my Fitnology Programs goes beyond golf, as overall I have more energy and better medical checkups than I have had in years.

- Peter Troup



Weight Loss Clients

I lost 42 lbs. on a program at Fitnology! As a result I feel and look better and I continue to have great medical check ups each year.

- Jay Pivec



Fitnology helped me get my life back! Through their help I was able to lose 33 lbs.! My knees no longer bother me and I feel as if there is nothing I cannot do, thank you so much Marc!

- Stephanie Vaughn



We thank Marc and Fitnology for helping our son start a new pathway to a healthier life. Through their program he has lost weight, has higher self- esteem and chooses to be more physically active. Any parent wanting to help their child with better and healthier choices should seek the services of Fitnology.

- Don and Sheila Ockerman



Diagnosis with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and being over weight was the eye opener that lead me to Fitnology. Through their services I have reversed this diagnosis and I am now 26 lbs. lighter and off all of my prescribed medications. Get your health back start a Fitnology program and enjoy a better, healthier life.

-John Mackey



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