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  • Fitnology & MotoPro Training
  • Fitnology & MotoPro Training
  • Fitnology & MotoPro Training
  • Fitnology & MotoPro Training
  • Fitnology & MotoPro Training
  • Fitnology & MotoPro Training
Moto Pro Training


Coach Marc helped me achieve my greatest racing accomplishment, winning the GNCC Womenís Championship! His program helped me reach a level of conditioning that allowed me to push harder, ride faster, and perform at my highest level.
— Kristen Atwell GNCC Womenís Champion 2010


Marc and his company played a major role in securing my first WORCS Championship and 5 years later I now have won 4 championships. Marcís program structure keeps me focused and by following it, I am able to stay in competitive shape throughout the whole racing season. If you want to succeed and you want to win, use Marc Spataro and become a champion.
— Beau Baron 4X WORCS ATV Champion


I started working with Marc 6 years ago. I needed an edge over the competition and I found it after starting my program with Moto Pro Training. My level of conditioning has reached to a whole new level and I noticed a drastic increase in my speed and endurance. Now I race two major desert series and the GNCC. I have also started racing two races in a day by adding the UTV to my schedule. In 2013 I raced the Baja 1000 solo, 983 miles/33 hours non-stop and finished first in my class 9 hours ahead of 2nd place. I truly believe this was accomplished by working closely with Marc.
— Michael Swift, Team UXC Racing/Factory Polaris, GNCC Utility Champion, Baja 1000 Champion, 10 Hour Champion


Marc’s training methods apply directly to racing, making me realize that physically I can achieve many more championships. His training experience, combined with his riding/racing experience, make Marc an invaluable tool to any racers program. Moto Pro Training will keep me on top of the competition!
— Bill Ballance GNCC 9X Champion


Marc’s program has me in the best shape of my life. I feel stronger and have more endurance than ever before. Moto Pro Training has allowed me to get back up on the podium and I feel that this training program will help put me back in the running as a top GNCC Pro.
— William Yokley GNCC Pro


Moto Pro Training is the best training program I have ever done. Marc works with you to develop the best program for you, with out the hassle of going to a gym. He knows and understands what the body goes through while racing and his program has made it possible for me to be there at the end of the race, pushing as hard as I did on the first lap. With in the first month I knew the training was paying off and that is why I am still on the Moto Pro program and will continue to work with Marc for years to come.
— Randy Hamilton GNCC XC2 Pro AM


Marc knows and understands injuries! He has allowed me to work through mine and stay competitive. Marc’s individualized approach allows him to focus on the necessary specifics of any racers personal needs. With his help, Baja 2008 is within reach for my team and myself!
— Mike Cafro Score Champion/WORCS Pro


Moto Pro Training has added a new dimension to our racing program. The physical and mental preparation my riders experience through Marc is unparallel to any other program I have reviewed. My racers confidence and focus is stronger making my job as a team manager easier! We are glad he is part of our team!
— Mark Baldwin Team Owner/Manager Baldwin Motorsports/American Honda


Marc’s training system not only applies to racing and riding but to life in general. What you will learn from his practices, you will be able to apply to yourself and your family for a lifetime.  Our team is just starting to apply the benefits of Moto Pro Training!
— Scott Summers Team Husqvarna Manager/ GNCC 5 X Champion


Marcís program has helped me over come last seasons injuries, improved my overall strength and endurance, and has mentally given me the confidence to try and win another OMA championship! Marcís dedication and friendship has proven to me that he has my best interest in mind!
— Andy Lagzdins OMA 2007 Champion/GNCC Pro/National Hare and Hound Champion


Upon entering the 2008 motocross season I have never felt better about my pro career. Marc has provided me with the necessary tools to make me stronger, last longer on the track, have quicker reaction time, and mentally prepare me for the season. Moto Pro Training has given me one more advantage over my competitors.
— Josh Upperman ATVA/WPSA Pro


I never really knew my physical potential until I started with Moto Pro Training. Marc has shown me ways to improve my overall riding ability and mentally he has given me that edge to overcome the tough obstacles racing can throw at you. I have never felt so strong during a racing season.
— Garrett Edminsten GNCC Pro


For the 2008 season I have teamed up with Moto Pro Training and immediately I noticed great results in a short amount of time. The nutrition program has helped me the most and has my body working like a machine. Marc’s program takes training to a new level, my strength and endurance are amazing! Moto Pro training is the real deal.
— Josh Williams ATVA/WPSA Pro Am


With the help of Marc and Moto Pro Training I hope to secure a top spot in the 2008 GNCC Pro class. In just a few short weeks I have felt the difference from being on the program and now realize just how important training with the right coach is. If you want to win you should be using Moto Pro Training!
— Jarrod McClure GNCC Pro


After seeing the results that our sponsored racers were achieving, I decided that it was time to make myself healthier. Marc’s program has helped in many ways and I recommend his help whether you are a competitive racer or just want to improve how you look and feel.
— Jay Gobel Elka Suspension




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