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  • Fitnology & MotoPro Training
  • Fitnology & MotoPro Training
  • Fitnology & MotoPro Training
  • Fitnology & MotoPro Training
  • Fitnology & MotoPro Training
  • Fitnology & MotoPro Training


We know it and you know it, results are what count. We understand that you have come to our facility for one reason: long lasting results! That is why our coaches and trainers are expertly educated and certified to help you achieve your chosen goals. We offer a broad selection of personal training services to fulfill the needs of anyone at any age.


Where To Start

In order to become a FITnology client it is necessary that we perform a full physical and verbal assessment on every new member. This evaluation helps us determine how to approach you safely as well as how to address your program design. This assessment tests functional movement patterns, balance, stability, flexibility, coordination, strength, power, and cardiovascular ability. Our verbal evaluation covers prior exercise history, medical history, personal goals, and current nutritional practices.


This service has a one-time fee of $99.00
* Phone reservations require a credit card deposit that is non-refundable if cancellation is not performed in less than 24 hours.


Personal Training/Strength and Conditioning

Personal training is the heart of our business. Diversity and variability are what we offer to our clients. Our years of experience and continued education allow us to provide our services to all ages from children to super seniors. Most all of our clients have a similar goal to look and feel better. Our personal training services include:

  • Over all FITness and Wellness
  • Weight Reduction and Weight Gain
  • Athletic and Sports Specific Training
  • Injury Prevention and Post Rehabilitation Training
  • Body Sculpting and Body Building
  • Corporate Programs
  • In Home Programs
Personal Training services are billed at an hourly rate ranging between $35.00-$85.00.
* Program structure determines the rate.


Nutritional Programs

You really are what you eat! FITnology offers expert, individual nutritional programs and counseling that will not only help you obtain your goals, but will also teach you what and when to eat. Our programs will also help educate you on chemicals and toxins to avoid, making you healthier. Nutritional programs will provide you with more energy, a stronger immune system, and guaranteed results to look and feel better.


8 Week Programs are $250
* Programs require a bi-weekly appointment to measure progress and update the program if necessary.



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